Menu structure and translation

(Sai Karthik) #21

@chrismills now we can take care of the sidebar without macros & admin rights. Now you can relax a bit :wink:

(Chris Mills) #22

I was wondering what you folks were up to today :wink:

A slight warning — the reason we (the MDN editors) have been moving away from that menu system is that it is part of the MDN “Zones” system, which is broken in some ways, and can prove unreliable.

I don’t think you are using any of the broken features on the B2G OS zone, so it should be ok for now, but it might possibly be removed sometime in the future, meaning you’d have to go back to using the macro.

If/when that occurs, I am happy to help with putting the macro back, and we’ll look more seriously at giving some of your core team template editing rights.

(Sai Karthik) #23

oh! let the macro be there. As you said if this feature breaks. It will be as a backup. Thanks for notifying :slight_smile:

(Luca) #24

Thank you for your not-so slight warning, Chris. :sweat: I really hope we can continue to use “MDN Zones” (… didn’t even know something like that existed!) safe features.

Do you plan to fix problems you had or to abandon “MDN Zones” if it starts to be unmanageable?

Is there somewere we can read something more on that topic? at least to underst what is better to avoid in daily usage!

(Chris Mills) #25

the main one I can remember is the “vanity URLs” feature, which allowed you to change all of the URLs on a zone to make them more accessible, for example you could change*


Or similar

But this was terrible, and resulted in all the localizations of the affected pages being broken. This is what happened to the italian B2G_OS pages, before we messed around and fixed it.

I think they are mainly admin features that are broken, so you should be safe for now. I think the problem is that we don’t have the developer resources at the moment, and the zones system is also deemed unnecessary. I suspect what we will probably do is get rid of it, but keep some of the better features (such as the nice menus and styling)

(Luca) #26

Glad to read that, thank you for the precious explanation, Chris!


Hi, im not able to somehow change that page and test if the German Sidebar wold apear.
Can you help me set that?