(Tom Farrow) #1

Part Infra is largely in favour of Mesosphere for community sites. We should give feedback by the end of the week on whether there are any major blockers to us using this.

Please give feedback by end of week (Sunday, stretching to Monday morning) if you have any major blockers. We wouldn’t want the to put a bunch of effort into this and realise there’s something awfully wrong after 200 paid hours of their time.


Thanks! Also remember that Pierros let us know about this a while ago, so we’ve had lots of time to check it out. Any blockers really should be identified by Friday so we can make sure to communicate them in time.

@tanner, @yousef, @mrz, @logan, @leo,

More info in meeting today.

(mrz) #3

Has there been any technical comparisons between Mesosphere and alternatives?

(Tom Farrow) #4

I’m not certain of direct competitors to mesosphere

(mrz) #5

Not directly but it’s also not too different that any other PaaS.

Perhaps the actual question is, what problem is Mesosphere looking to solve for us?