Message synchronisation 79.0b2

I’ve installed 79.0b2 over the latest stable version and it appears that message synchronisation has stopped working. “Keep messages in all folders for this account on this computer” is still selected but no folders have been updated since before I installed the beta.

In the stable version I’m used to the sync starting within a couple of minutes of starting Thunderbird. Has the behaviour changed in the beta?

Thanks in advance…

Not intentionally.

What happens if you start Windows and Thunderbird in safe mode?

Apologies - forgot to mention that this is macOS 10.14.6. Safe mode makes no difference, unfortunately. Folders only update if I actually select them.

I wouldn’t use 78 or 79 on a profile that was run in 68. Create a new profile from Help/Troubleshooting, about:profiles, add an IMAP account, and see if it syncs properly. If it does, the address books, local mail etc. can be transferred from the old profile.

Thanks - that has helped in identifying the issue.

I added my Office 365 Exchange Online account (IMAP, using OAuth2 authentication) and it appears that Thunderbird can only see the Inbox folder.

If I change authentication to ‘Normal password’ then all the folders are found and displayed.

Installing over the existing stable installation meant that all the folders were already synced locally so were displayed, but because I was using OAuth2 authentication, it was unable to see them on the server and so sync them locally.

This looks to be an issue with OAuth2 authentication. Unfortunately, OAuth2 authentication (what Microsoft calls “modern authentication”) is going to be necessary soon and “legacy authentication” will be disabled at their end. Hence why I installed the beta to test it…

I’m not sure modern authentication is fully functional for O365, even in the latest beta, 79b3:

The actual authentication seems to be fine. I’m not getting the issues that other people have mentioned in that bug report.

I tried the latest nightly but that’s still got the folders problem. I guess I’ll have to file a bug report…