Missing groups


Is there any way to create groups for devices. I have 3 z-vawe controlled lights which I would like to control with one button.

(Michael Stegeman) #2

You could set up a rule such that when you turn on one light, the other 2 turn on, and vice versa.

(Fabrice) #3

A better way would be to add the notion of “tags” to devices/things and improve the rule engine so that it could select action targets based on these tags.

That would let you write a rule once and add/remove devices that would be driven by this existing rule.


Yeah that works thanks!

(Ben Francis) #5

I like the idea of tags.

I suppose the rules would have to be limited to a property/action/event that all of the things with that tag have.

(Fabrice) #6

Somewhat, yes. One way to see it is to let the rule be built in a quite open ended way, but check at runtime that selected things support the action or property change. You will need this check anyway if you want to let people change tags without re-editing the rules.

(Kathy Giori) #7

What happens when users want to drive more complex rules via external services like IFTTT? We should make sure that how we tag or group things will interface nicely with other services that let users apply rules logic.