Model proposal: B2G Provisional Council


There are great ideas and discussions going on in the Governance working group topic regarding a democratic organization for the B2G OS community.
The conclusion we reached at the last governance working group meeting was that the community was too small to need a specific body to make governance decision, for now.
However, I propose we set up a “provisional council” to tackle governance questions and prepare for the future.

More details on this etherpad.
Thoughts, comments and edits welcome.


Let’s talks about it during tomorrow’s monthly meeting.

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And let’s define a date to create it :slightly_smiling:


The best date for the Provisional Council creation meeting is Thursday the 26th, at 17:30 UTC, according to the poll.

So please join us at 19:30 CEST/17:30 UTC/10:30am PDT/23:00 IST in the B2G Vidyo room, or on the Telegram group.

Feel free to complete the etherpad mentioned above.