Modify Raspberry installation image

Good morning,

I have been trying for days to modify the appearance of the colors of the platform but there is no way to get it. I explain the process and attach the images of the errors.

What I want to do is customize the look of the platform to change the colors. To do this I am trying to modify the CSS file. which is in “/home/pi/mozilla-iot/gateway/src/app.js” but it seems that I don’t know why I don’t have permission to edit it neither in windows environment nor in Linux environment although I am giving permissions to the Iso image and also to the archives.

Another thing that happens to me is that it does not let me extract the image or mount it in a Windows environment, but I have tested it in Linux and I can open the image but it does not allow me to modify it.

Is this image protected in any way so that I cannot modify the platform?

Thank you very much and a good day.


After gaining access to the image in a Linux environment I have done the following:

  1. I have recorded the image in a MicroSD and I have modified several lines of code in the CSS code.

  2. After modifying the lines when I insert the MicroSD into the Raspberry I notice that no change was made in the colors.

  3. I insert the MicroSD into the computer and I see that all the changes I have made have been reverted to the original version.

I’m going to keep trying to see what this can be.

If anyone has any idea what this might be I look forward to your suggestions.

The CSS is all webpacked, so you would actually need to modify ~/mozilla-iot/gateway/build/static/bundle/<hash>-style.css.

A better idea is to create an extension add-on, rather than trying to do this directly in the gateway source. Examples:

I have been working to modify the image so this is what I have until now. It’s clear that I need to adjust a couple of things.


MrStegeman i don’t know how to make the extension add-on so that I can share it with you guys when it’s done but I will keep looking how to make it.

If someone has something constructive or not so constructive to say please do it.

Thank you all.