Monday, April 18th: Branching out for the demos

(David Teller) #1

I suggest that we branch out all repositories on Monday April 18th, with a branch demos-1 dedicated to the current round of demos we are working on. Once we have branched out, only demo-critical patches should land on these branches.

This will keep us free to proceed with our work without breaking demos.

(Johan Lorenzo) #2

I created demo branches all called demo-2016-04-19

(Fabrice) #3

We need to branch the app also.

(Fernando Jiménez Moreno) #4

I have also created branches for:

(Julien Wajsberg) #5

Created for all openzwave repositories.

Note that we’ll also need to change all Cargo.toml to point to the
branches so that “cargo update” doesn’t pull master. Maybe we don’t need
it right now but take care if this is the case.

(Johan Lorenzo) #6

2 other repos were missing iron-cors and multicast-dns.

Like @julienw suggested, we have to change the Cargo.toml’s to reference the correct branches. I handled it for:

Taxonomy, iron-cors and multicast-dns don’t reference one of our crates in its Cargo.toml. App, registration server and dns server are not rust projects.