Monthly B2G OS Transition Meeting: 2016-06-09


As announced previously, the last B2G OS Transition meeting will take place on Thursday the 9th, at 17:30 UTC in the B2G Vidyo room:, on the B2G OS telegram group: or #fxos IRC channel on

The etherpad with the agenda is here.

See you there!

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Up! It’s in 3 hours. :slight_smile:

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this time, when I click on the link of Vidyo, I receive an error :
Les propriétaires de ont mal configuré leur site web. Pour éviter que vos données ne soient dérobées, Firefox ne s’est pas connecté à ce site web.

What should I do?

I launch the vidyo app on my ubuntu like the previous times…

I found, I have to add an “exception of security” by clicking on advanced…

That’s strange, I didn’t add it.
Can you paste the certificate stamp ?