MozBalkans meet-up, May 22-24th 2015

Inter community meet-up of the Moz Balkans community in Bucharest

Communities that attended

  • Albanian community
  • Bulgarian community
  • Croatian community
  • Greek community
  • Macedonian community
  • Romanian community
  • Serbian community
  • Slovenian community

Functional areas that participated

  • QA
  • SUMO
  • L10n
  • Participation team

What happened
After 3 years from our last meeting, the leaders of the MozBalkans community have been gathered in Bucharest in order to share and learn from each other experience and work in specific tasks.
The weekend has been divided into talks from each functional area and workshops from the L10N, SUMO and QA team.
We also had a SWOT session, where each community shared their SWOT. Afterwards, the participants were divided into 2 groups and tried to turn the identified weaknesses and threads into strengths and opportunities.
For more details about the sessions and what have been accomplished can be found in our master etherpad
Best moment of the meet-up
Speed dating/geekness where the participants had 1 minute for 1:1 conversations in order to know each other.

For more details regarding the event check our wiki page

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-aftermath page (it includes photos, blogposts and action items)
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P.S Thanks a lot Ioana for being such a great organizer and host



Regarding the best moment of the meet-up I can share some stats:

Most mozbalkans people are not pet people: 65% don’t have a pet. But of those who do - dogs are preferred.

Most mozlbalkans people eat broccoli. Only 24% won’t touch the stuff.

Mozbalkans people usually read technical literature, and from fiction it’s fantasy (LOTR, Sandman).


Good work guys. Seems to have been much fun

I did miss it already! I will share more soon about the metrics and feedback!
PS: @couci can you copy this to Balkans section too? Thanks!

done :slight_smile: balkans event

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