MozCoffee at Salem (Tamilnadu)

We had a small MozCoffee session around 4 PM - 6:30 PM at Salem. It was actually after a very long time we are having it. Around 10 contributors joined us.

Our initial plans are to share about what are upcoming WebExtension API and about Aframe. And helping them to get started with code repo’s at Mozilla which are very easy to get started. But we had small changes while we started discussing.

In the crowd, there we large number of Android developers and Javascript developers compared to Python. I have suggested some of the repo where they can start their coding, sharing the the same here for larger audience benefit.

Test Pilot :
Screenshot :
Notes :
Email tabs: (very new)
Addon-frontend :
Rocket (Lite) :

Do check out this, our main goal is to get started with the Code contribution. This are some of the interesting projects at Mozilla. There is a wrong belief only coding to Firefox is great, but people forget tiny little components in firefox help Firefox look great.

My love for Activity stream will never fade. Activity stream launched as Test Pilot project, huge number of users started using them and based on the community input it has now replaced the blank page of new tab.

I would really love to other contributors promoting more contributions and also the projects which are not hyped much but are amazing and adding values to Internet.

Thanks to @bhuvanameenakshi for organizing this event