MozCoffee - London [August 18, 2018]


(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #1

I’ve slotted in dates for the next 4 months, to meet in person over a cuppa for MozCoffee.

Come join me to talk about how the UK Community can be better serving your needs, the tech scene in general, the open source community, and build a network of new friends.

All tickets over on Tito:

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How are you celebrating Mozilla's 20th Birthday?
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How are you celebrating Mozilla's 20th Birthday?
(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #2

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(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #3

Around 10 already signed up to join us Saturday next week. Many new names too. Jump on in if your schedule allows.

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #4

I have new stickers! Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow, Saturday. There’s still time to join us. Sign up HERE.

(Spike) #5

I am looking forward to it David!
So much so that I seem to have signed-up for it twice :wink:
Please be assured there will only be one of me - unless there is caek in which case expect the Spike twins :slight_smile:

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #6

Awesome bunch of people connecting today. Great to have you in attendance as one of those I consider as awesome @Spike1

Poll closed for the next event. Consensus is for the 28th of April. Grab your tickets for this onboarding special event. Building underlying processes to assist new Mozillians find the information and network they need to succeed.

There will be opportunity for longer term Mozillians to be enabled as mentors for the community too. If this sounds like a match for you and to find out more, be sure to attend this week’s UK Community call (7pm on Thursday) as I’ll be talking about mentoring. More info on that HERE.

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #7

A quick reminder we’ve got another MozCoffee coming this Saturday, April 28. A chance for us to meet together without (importantly) alcohol being a focus.

Essentially we’ll be looking at what information and processes people new to contributing, to the not-for-profit Mozilla, need to have available to them. And generally chatting about goings on in the fight for the Open Web.

Tickets and more details are available HERE. Whether you’re new to us, visiting London, a lapsed Mozillian hoping to reconnect, or a core volunteer – you’re all welcome.

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(Spike) #8

So sorry - I am not able now to attend MozCoffee this afternoon :frowning: I have hurt my back lifting a Power Supply awkwardly.
Catch you all soon!

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #9

Awful pain that. I once did my back in reaching for a tin of beans. Pffft silly bodies.

I do hope you can rest it and thoroughly recover. Missed having you there today, but plenty more dates ahead where we can see you again soon. Take care.

(Spike) #10

Thank you David - taking it gently today…

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #11

I’m having to cancel the schedule May 26 meet. Ticketholders notified. Calendar edited.

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #12

This is our next community lead event. We’re heading to Westfield at Shepherd’s Bush on June 30. Grab a ticket.

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #13

I’m really looking forward to this next MozCoffee!! I grew up with Westfield shopping centres in Australia and find the atmosphere can be quite vibrant (in short doses). Still undecided precisely where in the centre we’ll meet, but I’ll share contact details ahead of the day to enable our easier rendezvous. If anyone has suggestions, add your thoughts in this thread or perhaps DM/email me.

Sign up for ticket by clicking through to HERE.

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #14

(UK Community & Mozilla Rep) #15

Saturday July 28 MozCoffee has been cancelled.