MozConnect with OWASP

(Mehul Patel) #1


To Aware people about cyber security and ethical hacking to involve as many as people we can to aware them about privacy, cyber crimes,secure browsing , application security , open source tool and technologies.

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Your feedback will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Cc: @ankitgadgil, @umesh, @george

Mehul Patel, Mozilla Reps.

(Drashti Pandya) #2

Awesome! :slight_smile: we should arrange bug bounty program with OWASP or an opensource project on security. :wink:

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(Viral Parmar) #3

Yeah it was great event and we are thinking on teaching OWASP top 10 vul. and aware more people about security project. we will do this events soon

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(Mehul Prajapati) #4

Looking forward for future events… :slight_smile:

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