Mozfest - October 26-28, 2018 [MEGATHREAD]


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We’re seeking projects that explore artificial intelligence and machine learning. In a world where biased algorithms, skewed data sets, and broken recommendation engines can radicalize YouTube users, promote racism, and spread fake news, it’s more important than ever to support artwork and advocacy work that educates and engages internet users.

Mozilla is awarding a total of $225,000, with individual awards ranging up to $50,000. Final award amounts are at the discretion of award reviewers and Mozilla staff, but it is currently anticipated that the following awards will be made:

Two $50,000 total prize packages ($47,500 award + $2,500 MozFest travel stipend)

Five $25,000 total prize packages ($22,500 award + $2,500 MozFest travel stipend)

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Here’s the Social images to share in your network and encourage your friends to send in a session proposal before the August 1 deadline. Invite your network into our network. Assets are also to be found in French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and more to come. Don’t forget to add the proposals link!!

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Mozfest is a COMMUNITY event. Held over 9 floors and we’re proud of the diversity of sessions and workshops held by youth, marginalised, beginners, through to world experts. It can be a daunting thought to consider holding space.

We have a number of ways in which we seek to coach you towards a great experience. Here’s one of them. Clarity on what we are looking for from proposals:

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Mozfest social videos content to share via London production company DOSED.

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Only 6 WEEKS before the open call for proposals closes.

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This week the applications for Round 6 of Mozilla Foundation’s Open Leaders program kicked off. Applicants are encouraged to also submit a Mozfest session proposal. Your Mozfest proposal still needs to be in by August 1, but closing date for Open Leaders is August 5.

Even if you’ve already sent in your Mozfest proposal you can still apply for this ace network building opportunity!

Open Leaders is a 14 week peer mentored network for open projects. I had a project back in Round 2 and mentored in Rounds 4 & 5. If you have an open source project already active, you’ll be taken through Github, important documents like your Code of Conduct, growing your contributors, hosting events and much more.

It’s as good as the effort you personally put in. I highly recommend it if you might have a few hours spare each week September through December.

If you’ve previously been in the program please do consider becoming a mentor for this round. You’ll learn so much and are supported by Mozilla with mentor’s training too! It incredibly rewarding sharing your personal growth experience with others hungry to learn.

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Today marks 4 MONTHS until doors open at Ravensbourne in London for Mozfest.

Important dates still ahead:


  • Onboarding of volunteers is due to start soon!


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There are now only FOUR WEEKS until we expect to close the Call for Proposals for Mozfest.

Here’s a folder of creative to assist you in sharing the news to your friends:

If you want to check out what’s been sent to us, head over to the Github repo:

There’s also a dedicated Gitter channel open to take any questions:

Most importantly the link to send in your ideas:

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With 3 weeks left to send in your Mozfest 2018 session proposal, it’s time for the Privacy and Security space to invite you to collaborate with us. This by me :flushed:

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Tomorrow from 13:00 UTC [Thursday July 12] we’re holding a MozFest AMA over on Twitter. This is a great opportunity to get help completing your session proposal.

More info right here:

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Privacy and Security:
Web Literacy:

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All the Mozfest Speakers in a super handy Twitter list

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With the session proposals call now behind us, today is the day Mozfest tickets become publicly available.

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Many folks are contacting us about the first Mozfest Volunteers meetup. Expect to hear of a date inside this month.

We’ve had a few calenders to align surrounding use of the office space.

You’ve not missed the start. Sign up to volunteer and you’ll hear more very shortly.