MozFest Space Contributors 2016 Application

Hello Francisco,

Many thanks for choosing me as one of the volunteers to help at the Mozfest Spaces, I greatly appreciate it!!!

Do you know which Space will we be assigned to yet? If not, do you know when will we know? Also, do you know when will we receive more information about how to register for Mozfest?

Many thanks again!!!
Best regards,


We will informing this and other stuff over email, not here :wink:


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I’m glad to see many known names and they are also fit for such activities. Congratulations and best wishes for them. :blush: :blush:
Though I didn’t get a chance this time. Will try again in the next time. :wink:

Congratulations guys! :blush::bouquet:
I’m happy to see new and known faces :slight_smile:

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Congratulations guys :slight_smile:

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Many Congratulations to all!

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Hello all,

I would like to highlight some numbers that I took from the list of selected volunteers:

  • Gender: Males 13 (61%) - Females 8 (39%), if we compare with last year participants, this represent a change of a 3% of more women.
  • Regions: 10 Asia, 4 Europe, 4 America, 3 Africa
  • First timers vs. Repeating: 15 vs. 6

If you have any inquiry, or want to know more about the selection process, feel free to reach me by email, or comment here.



I would be interested please @franc in the split between Reps/non-Reps.



I’m trilled to have been selected and really looking forward to put all my skills to work to make #archives:mozfest 2016 a resounding success :grinning:


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Good one @Spike1!,

Reps: 12
Non-Reps: 9

It’s not a 50-50, but it’s getting close :wink:



Thank you for the information @franc - very interesting :slight_smile:

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Congrats you guys :slight_smile:

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Congrats everyone!!

Can you tell me please the split between Reps/non-Reps that applied as well?
Thank you!