Mozilla Add-ons development at Aligarh Muslim University


(Sanyam Khurana) #1

Hey folks,

We had an Amazing session at Aligarh Muslim University where we taught students to develop add-ons. Imaginations ran wild and they created a lot of add-ons on their own and put them up on Github.

The event generated more than 10,000+ impressions on social media

Checkout the full report here:

(Shashank Kumar) #2

I had a great experience as well on that day. Here’s a blog I wrote about it.
MozAMU - My first talk for Mozilla and first visit to Aligarh Muslim University - 24th February 2018

(Rahul Jha) #3

Hi everyone,

I am Rahul, one of the students at Aligarh Muslim University. It was an amazing experience to be able to get in touch with you guys.

Here is the blog post I’ve written for the event:

Hope you have a good read! Would love feedback! :slight_smile: