Mozilla continuosly screwing things up!

EVERY TIME I log in to Thunderbird to check my e-mail, Something FUCKS UP! First ALL my emails were deleted from my PC AND SERVER. Then EVERYTHING, INCLUDING ADDRESSES IN MY ADDRESS BOOK ARE BEING SENT TO JUNK! And now it’s continuously asking if a piece of e-mail is junk or not and I have turned on and off, enabled and disabled the junk settings and nothing has changed regardless of the settings I’ve changed. I have uninstalled, checked and rechecked the settings and gone through every suggested troubleshooting step that I can find and DIRECT SUPPORT is fucking non-existant! Firefox is now doing the same shit. Resetting my preferences, not just when I log on to my PC, BUT EVERY TIME I BRING UP FIREFOX! I connect on a multiple protocol platform that WAS supported by Mozilla. I’ve uninstalled, re-installed, checked, re-checked, followed every guide, troubleshot, saved, synced and every other fucking suggestion by Mozilla and NOTHING HAS WORKED!!! WTF??? Mozilla used to be a good product. When did they become another Microsoft or Google???

Hi Aaron

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