Mozilla Discourse release 2017-01-21

There were a few releases to fix security issues since our last set of release notes:

Upstream feature additions:

git log --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges 7515f4eec20abb5c869434c2ccb2541127628969...1a45fe94a284d7809abc9a64f371e58b80ec50f8 | grep FEATURE
61d4c1203 FEATURE: group avatar flair shows on topic participants list, and participant avatars can have custom styles
e90af4f2d FEATURE: Update omniauth twitter as prep for Ruby 2.4 support
adb73180f FEATURE: Let plugins register themes easily
04ae3539d FEATURE: Better error message when incoming e-mail is missing a Date: header
515f50e42 FEATURE: Log admin action when readonly mode is changed.
887e9af84 FEATURE: new 'max_image_megapixels' site setting
cf7774bdd FEATURE: Block muted users from sending you PMs
d7c8c2d5e FEATURE: Opt-in native Discourse app install banner on Android/iOS
1a5fcb72d FEATURE: Preserve cursor in editor upload

Full upstream changes.

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