Mozilla Discourse release 2017-02-06 🚆


(Leo McArdle) #1

We just did a release (from a train!) to pull in a security commit from upstream:

Since our last release:

Upstream feature additions:

~/Projects/discourse git log --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges 396557bae9f5915cccdd76ad30489c66872cbbb8...2dec731da3acf64d84e7a20e83ba7315998d987f | grep FEATURE
f1e7bca3c FEATURE: Warn a user when they're replying to the same user too much
c4e10f2a9 FEATURE: redesign the change password page to use javascript and validations
c76f6856e FEATURE: reply as new message to the same recipients
60c2787e6 FEATURE: Add user-main-nav plugin outlet
e63faffdb Revert "Revert "FEATURE: make discourse remap optionally do regex_replace (#4367)""
706b4f6b9 FEATURE: Remap group mentions when group name has been changed.
817f4cd0f FEATURE: Split Reply-button into 'Reply Post' and 'Reply Topic'

Full upstream changes.