Mozilla Discourse release 2017-02-20


(Leo McArdle) #1

Since our last release:

Upstream feature additions:

git log --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges 2dec731da3acf64d84e7a20e83ba7315998d987f...cb99f59ec3769227bd890c633c768ec4f8356853 | grep FEATURE
a6ebe495b FEATURE: links that can't have no onebox can be used as featured topic links
1935f624b FEATURE: reset active record cache in sidekiq if needed
d0fbb27f3 FEATURE: new invite acceptance page, where username can be chosen and password can be set
023bd0e9e FEATURE: allow client side of topic list to accept custom params
74d4209d2 FEATURE: allow plugins to register custom topic list filters
89d5e8ab4 FEATURE: allow plugins to preload data in topic list
0ab96a769 FEATURE: add hidden setting for verbose auth token logging
675cb1c71 FEATURE: allow registrations of custom small action icons via plugins
4332f0dde FEATURE: allow user search API to restrict to group
1bcb83544 FEATURE: passwords must have a minimum number of unique characters, configurable with a new setting
5a8bbe663 FEATURE: include most popular tag in page title for webcrawlers of tagged uncategorized topics
df8f365d9 FEATURE: improve search so it searches sub categories by default
ff49f72ad FEATURE: per client user tokens

Full upstream changes.