Mozilla Discourse release 2017-03-07

We’ve updated a few times over the past couple of weeks to include security updates from upstream, but since our last set of release notes:

Mozilla specific changes:

  • iam-project group import
  • This change makes it easier for us to add further group imports in future, and brings the logic more in line with what we’ll have to do when Auth0 starts returning group data
  • expose-emails-in plugin
  • The addition of this plugin adds a “New Topic via Email” button to each category, better exposing the email-in addresses of each of them
  • Shout out to @m_branson for the UX work on this, it’s the first piece of code landing on production she’s been involved in, and hopefully not the last!

Upstream feature additions:

git log --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges cb99f59ec3769227bd890c633c768ec4f8356853...5d9daa299a09167b89071af26614eab6b1d7572a | grep FEATURE
3e3fdfc71 FEATURE: plugin can now extend list of classes for topic-post
31a81d4ee FEATURE: allow for for empty description in list
6aab8cb33 FEATURE: new category setting for whether to show latest topics or top topics by default
abc4dff0f FEATURE: add bumped_before query param for topic list
ca20cb994 FEATURE: subcategories can be discovered by web crawlers on page 1 of the parent category topics list
4dac4c69a FEATURE: add `before` topic list filter
872d9eae4 FEATURE: add :all filter for messages
c79b14628 FEATURE: make list controller a bit more extensible
f0b79cf54 FEATURE: Add outlet for messages nave extension
d84891635 FEATURE: Greek language support, thanks to Vasilis Vlachokyriakos
262016604 FEATURE: each category can control how many topics to show on categories page
8c8de1c2d FEATURE: addUserMenuGlyph extensibility point
80858bae2 FEATURE: further restrict downloading of backups
4c7a21c76 FEATURE: Autocomplete support on advanced search
f918951d4 FEATURE: clean up tags extensibility
ffd8fa748 FEATURE: move_to_inbox and archive_message events
b32d3d66e FEATURE: log all username and name changes
cba51e1c3 FEATURE: new site setting for max logins per ip per hour/minute
0a41da6ba FEATURE: Add order logic to admin users controller
f15f61da0 FEATURE: add immutable caching to rails site of things
eee22bf03 FEATURE: Add immutable cache for assets that do not update
ea1007e95 FEATURE: add support for same site cookies
0551b3f5e FEATURE: replace emoji with unicode in title and description meta tags
5296f00c2 FEATURE: Allow checking the raw response of a bounced email
a702330cc FEATURE: make show_subcategory_list a per-category setting
38d723401 FEATURE: Autocomplete support on advanced search
046cbad10 FEATURE: add a button on admin user page that links to action log
068ce19ae FEATURE: linked topics should be rendered under posts for crawlers
1dda998a4 FEATURE: search should default scope to current category or user
476ae57af FEATURE: primary group class on avatars in topic list

Full upstream changes.

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