Mozilla Discourse release 2017-03-23

Since our last set of release notes:

Mozilla specific changes:

  • Started category audit and cleanup
    • Ongoing work, but so far removed 14 unused categories and archived 20 inactive categories.

Upstream feature additions:

git log --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges 5d9daa299a09167b89071af26614eab6b1d7572a...3ef82bb32c681fb98b475d5b7e6d6457841d4a80 | grep FEATURE
11ce73b8e FEATURE: category setting for default top period
ec2a66d1f FEATURE: make summary as first tab on user page
df246c79b FEATURE: add user profile fields in user list export
c106ca677 FEATURE: fallback asset path for multi host setups
e14a63cc8 FEATURE: add support for backup asset path post precompile
2640b4e17 FEATURE: add hook and asset path variable
22f197c15 FEATURE: subcategory list style: boxes with featured topics
65c000ad7 FEATURE: Track views on user profile card as profile views.
cfbfea059 FEATURE: Allow easier customization to the web hook event serialization.
ca965bb45 FEATURE: Redirect to groups page after login/registration flow.
576982484 FEATURE: Make admin user list sortable.
6d7e968e3 FEATURE: box-style rendering of sub-categories
82ca0e368 FEATURE: stop escaping special chars in title prettify
848120c09 FEATURE: RSS feed for top page period filters
16593ae8b FEATURE: log reason staff auto blocks a user
15adbdcdd FEATURE: new template parameters for notification emails that can be used in links: topic_title_url_encoded and site_title_url_encoded
f9f38873a FEATURE: add support for SIGTSTP which stops sidekiqs
f7e7ca393 FEATURE: anonymized site statistics
b419a5765 FEATURE: Add seen/unseen filters to advanced search UI.
c62395130 FEATURE: Search can be scoped to posts that the current user has seen/unseen.
0c03ccb01 FEATURE: allow plugins to transform, the transformed post
ed627c823 FEATURE: Socialcast Importer: Set category and tags based on group

Full upstream changes.