Mozilla Discourse release 2017-04-25

Since our last set of release notes:

Upstream feature additions:

git log --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges 679b6548e66af5aec94e23ae6bf83ac4c74aed7d...64787e7fa47c61e4cb1c5c7ca2361258e274c897 | grep FEATURE
0b3aec9c9 FEATURE: set UNICORN_STATS_SOCKET_DIR for status socket
52306c393 FEATURE: basic implementation of stats socket
20c2c66dd FEATURE: Add normal as a preference for topic subscription state when replying to a topic
7a9eee1b7 FEATURE: default notification level for group messages
7eabb90b7 FEATURE: added error messages for bad theme CSS / JS
c5ee44871 FEATURE: Only show overridden option for theme css
c76d78067 FEATURE: show a paintbrush for color schemes
8ee2a500b FEATURE: add hamburger extensibility
a19c02f0d FEATURE: allow copying of color schemes to clipboard
5e3a0846f FEATURE: allow themes to share color schemes
5dd752877 FEATURE: try adding some preload hints for chrome
6e5296a51 FEATURE: upgrade sprockets to latest stable
9927489f4 FEATURE: auto focus text editor when editing themes

Full upstream changes.

Thanks Leo. I mostly like UNICORN_STATS_SOCKET_DIR :smile: