Mozilla Discourse release 2017-05-17

We’ve released a few times since our last set of release notes:


Mozilla specific changes:

Upstream feature additions:

git log --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges 64787e7fa47c61e4cb1c5c7ca2361258e274c897...a1b8a3b52b5bb5b7dff1117b46115c5fd376614b | grep FEATURE
782140014 FEATURE: staff can set a timer to remind them about a topic
59922ce0a FEATURE: remove table wrapping posts in notification emails
be8dd403d FEATURE: use fancy title in notifications
e1dd543a9 FEATURE: allow users to select theme on single device
2d96a0785 FEATURE: theme selection is now global per-user
1019bbda4 FEATURE: set a timer to delete a topic
f4b2677a1 FEATURE: ask for confirmation before resending all invites
bc0b9af57 FEATURE: support uploads for themes
2f8b1e33f FEATURE: bulk relist
4db76796b FEATURE: Setting to poll feeds more frequently
c182dcc64 FEATURE: add .admin-interface class to BODY when in admin
342ef5f81 FEATURE: out-of-the-box dark/light user selectable themes
12fb20fe1 FEATURE: Allow users to resend/update email from confirmation page
2503241ce FEATURE: rebuild user preferences page to use tabs
59b906ab0 FEATURE: Disable minimum post length check when in PM with non human users.
285c167fa FEATURE: provide more details when performing a bulk add to group
bf9c4a782 FEATURE: secure_email site setting to prevent data going out in email
b76674f64 FEATURE: convert incoming emails in HTML to markdown
1ae67a21f FEATURE: add support for bootsnap in dev
f04fbf911 FEATURE: in vim dev you can focus on spec line in autospec

Full upstream changes.

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