Mozilla Discourse release 2017-06-15

We’ve released a few times since our last set of release notes:

Upstream feature additions:

git log --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges a1b8a3b52b5bb5b7dff1117b46115c5fd376614b...eb9f306e64d5e7e7e75217737fdf8b757de840d0 | grep FEATURE
009f0921dc FEATURE: Whitelist hosts for internal crawling
54e8fb0d89 FEATURE: new 'allow_staff_to_upload_any_file_in_pm' site setting
b9c94aa234 FEATURE: add required user fields to invite accept form UX: make "accept invitation" page consistent with sign up modal
209383faab FEATURE: pull onebox images
2ee144c27f FEATURE: Add DiscourseEvent trigger when a user logs in.
607998af33 FEATURE: dropdown to filter staff action logs
d2c2139da8 FEATURE: require name when accepting invite if 'full name required' setting is enabled
8bc93c0b01 FEATURE: Add custom User-Agent to Discourse Oneboxes
b81e7be9a1 FEATURE: Rate limit how often we'll crawl a destination IP
93a5fc62bf FEATURE: A site setting to prevent crawling on private IP blocks
8febaa8be7 FEATURE: Require spec helpers for plugins

Full upstream changes.

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