Mozilla Discourse release 2017-07-25

We’ve released a few times since our last set of release notes:


  • That should be the last time I say “a few times” above as we move to a post-All Hands sprint and release schedule:
    • We’ll be updating and releasing Discourse every Tuesday
      • It’ll obviously be sooner for security updates, but we won’t bore you with posts about those
      • Release notes will also start to contain a little more of a personal touch than just a copied git log
    • Sprints run for two weeks, also starting on a Tuesday
      • We’ve just started Sprint 12 (so named to stay in sync with IAM and CoSS, which we’re sprinting with)
  • That annoying bug where emails to Discourse sometimes didn’t properly thread in the web interface was fixed
  • We started to send rejection emails to users when unrecognised errors happened during processing - this means that an email to Discourse should now always result in either a post or a rejection email
  • And, most obviously, we switched to a more moz://a theme

Any and all feedback - everything from the format of these release notes, to the new features they tell you about - is very welcome below!

Full upstream changes.

  1. The white-in-white and overall lack of color makes it harder to navigate for me. Before I knew that white areas were content, colored was header, etc. - now I need to visually parse more to find what I need to read.
  2. It feels like the font in composing the message is overly small compared to all other fonts, is that intended?
  3. The serif font that is displayed in several places (e.g. topic title when reading a thread) feel out of place when everything else is sans-serif.
  4. Links are harder to see and detect as they have a color more similar to the text color than previously, and also do not change color on hover.
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Thanks for the update.

I’m still digesting the new design, I don’t have any big flags, only that when you are at the top of a page the header center feels like too much empty/blank space for a big screen.


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I like the changes :slight_smile: great job.

BTW, is the new theme implemented as a Discourse theme? We may be interested in testing it over Mozilla Hispano discourse instance.

I love the new layout and design of discourse, just wanted to put it out their. :slight_smile:

Great job!


I have to say, I really like the new theme. Even more on mobile! Great work!

However, I agree that the link color is very hard to see.