Mozilla Discourse release 2017-08-02

Since our last release:


  • If you take a look in your address bar you’ll notice a small change - that’s right, we’re now!
    • We had a few minutes of downtime during this migration, and you’ll need to log in again, apologies for that
    • All old links to should redirect
    • Huge thanks to @yousef for taking the lead on the infra side of this
  • Based on analytics showing a surprising number of non-Firefox users using this site, we’re experimenting with showing download banners to them
    • We’ve started small, showing a Nightly banner to Chrome users in #mozillians:nda, (along with a small easter egg)

The Participation Systems team celebrating the migration to

Smaller changes:

  • Started serving Zilla Slab from Mozilla’s CDN to fix problems in Nightly with Google Fonts

Coming soon:

  • Thanks for all the feedback on the new (more moz://a) style, we’ll be iterating based on that over the next week
  • The next step of our migration to is migrating our email addresses - expect more communication on that soon
  • After analysing the results of our small download banner experiment we’ll look at expanding to more browsers and categories

Full upstream changes.


Once again, congrats to @leo and @yousef who certainly did most of the heavy lifting.

Also a big thanks to the early advocates of Discourse at Mozilla (@nukeador, MCWS, Community IT).

And a big thanks to @jbradford for the encouragement to get this done at the All Hands.

Most of all, thanks to the regular contributors. We hope this makes working with Discourse at Mozilla even better and more fun.

Also thank you to the Discourse team. This product rocks. And thanks for the tshirts (see the picture above).



Wooohooo, great work! :slight_smile:

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My baby is all grown up :blush:


OMG, this is great, the best news I can read on my return from vacations!

KUDOS @leo @yousef and team!