Mozilla Discourse release 2018-03-26

A number of new features to note in this latest release, the Discourse release notes put it better than I ever could:

Add group name to PM email subject

Thanks to community contributor @LeoMcA you can now choose to display the group name in the email subject from group PMs instead of simply displaying [PM]. This is controlled via the site setting group in subject (default off).

That’s me! :blush: We’ve enabled this, so recipients of the Reps Leadership group PMs should start seeing subject lines which make a little more sense from now on.

Rake task for merging users

A new rake task to merge users accounts is now available. This task will merge most user data. There are a few known issues, including mentions and quotes not being updated. For more details and to leave feedback see

This is my personal favourite - merging users is now far easier than before. If the recent IAM changes have led to you having duplicate accounts, send me a quick PM and I’ll merge them for you.

Search in title

Thanks to community contributor @jorge_manrubia and Discourse engineer @sam you can now scope search to topic title only. Searching in title in:title is not yet included in the advanced search UI, you must type it by hand. Please note that it may take time for a search reindex to complete after the update before this will work. See for more details.

Improved signature stripping

Many users who email into Discourse include email signatures in their posts. We’ve improved our detection of signatures to hide even more signatures by default, including signatures from Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and more.