Mozilla Discourse release 2018-06-28


(Leo McArdle) #1

Alongside pulling in the latest fixes from upstream, with today’s release comes a new feature:

Mark posts as read when I’m emailed about them

Now when you head to the email section of your preferences, you should see a new preference:

Mark posts as read when I'm emailed about them

If you enable it, whenever you’re emailed about a post, Discourse will mark the post as read on the website, ensuring your notifications don’t get cluttered up.

If you choose to enable this preference, you might also want to clear your existing notifications by visiting your notification page and clicking ✓ Dismiss All.

Please reply to this post with any feedback or questions about the feature.

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(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #2

You are a legend @leo!!

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #3

Yeah I was waiting a lot this email ehm feature!

(Michael Kohler) #4

This is great, thanks a lot!