Mozilla Discourse release 2018-09-17


(Leo McArdle) #1

Since our last set of release notes back in June we’ve pulled in numerous fixes from upstream, all while a new feature has been brewing:

Today I’m pleased to announce support for multiple email addresses in Mozilla Discourse:

With this feature:

  • Staff can (once again) use their LDAP aliases to start and reply to topics and PMs in Discourse via email
  • Staff and Volunteers can use multiple email addresses to start and reply to topics and PMs in Discourse via email

For example:

If my LDAP alias ( was copied into an email sent to the Reps Leadership group inbox (managed by Discourse) my account (@leo) would be invited to the PM. Before this feature landed, a duplicate account would have been created.

For the full details on how to use this functionality, and what it enables, head to the #meta:faq topic:

It’s been a little over 18 months since I first requested this feature upstream, and have worked with upstream over that time to implement the functionality in phases, before working on integrating it with our #iam system.

Much refactoring of code took place in our integration with #iam to make this happen, which will make further integration easier as we move towards a unified profile utility.

Other features and fixes

(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #2

:man_bald: omg Unicode 11 I can finally go bald man

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

This new capability is fully integrated with Mozilla #iam and previews the opportunities a Central Profile Utility provides to Mozilla’s collaboration systems landscape. :tada:

Well done, @leo!