Mozilla Firefox latest Version Googlelite Bar

(Snicoski113) #1

I hope I am in the right place? I was wondering if the GoogleLite Bar will ever updated for the latest version of Firefox 57.0 ?? I miss it so much I am using a older version of Mozilla Firefox just so I can keep this great app.

Thank You For any Help.

(erosman) #2

At the moment there is no Toolbar WebExtension API but it is planned.

Once it is added, the developer can update the addon.

(Snicoski113) #3

Thank You… hopefully soon… That is a big reason why I use Mozilla Firefox. I am just glad they will update at some point,


(Snicoski113) #4

I am starting to get the feeling the Google light bar will not get updated??
If anyone has any information or links please post links here so I can follow on this,

Thank you

(erosman) #5

There is a Toolbar API under discussion: