Mozilla India Meetup 2016 - Relive

(Akshay) #1

Almost the entirety of Mozilla India Meetup 2016 was live on Youtube thanks to @pmjcreations, @Tripad and a few more hands.

As a viewer myself, I’m sorting out the video list here for others to easily watch.

Here’s a complete playlist first.

Day 1

Mozilla’s Goals for 2017
Restructure proposal
Rust session
Restructure incorporating feedback
Restructure FAQ
Mozilla Clubs future
Day 1 debrief

Day 2

Diversity - edited
Developer Marketing
Mozilla on campus
Restructure - more clarity

Catalyzing Diverse Communities in India (2019 Strategy)
(Axel) #2

Thanks for putting those up.

Do we have videos or coverage from the final part where the outcome of the group work was presented?

(Agrawal Anjesh) #3

Thanks Akshay for this work as I missed it so it might be helpful for me to see what happened?
I want to know do you have any documentation so that we can read and get to know all the details?