Mozilla Nepal: Second Bi-Weekly Meeting

(Nootan Ghimire) #1

General Description

Some Time ago some members of mozilla nepal decided to do a regular community members meetup twice in a month, i.e., every two weeks. This is the report for second meetup.

The meetings will be a mozcafe-type meetup, anyone can join and discuss on stuffs happening on the community. We would also entertain new idea that could be implemented via community. Open invitation will be posted in our facebook group & mailing list. After-event report will be shared in the same. Everything will be documented on etherpad and will follow a similar naming convention:[meeting_number]

Etherpad Link to All Details Including Report for Current Event
Event in the Reps Portal

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(Francisco) #2

Hi @nootanghimire,

Great to know that you guys have this meetings. Have you reached the functional teams to see topics to discuss for future meetings?? (I can help you on that)

Probably it would be also an inspiration for other communities to have a follow up of these, maybe IRC meetings could work when traveling from other cities isn’t an option.


(Nootan Ghimire) #3

Hello @franc , Thanks for the reply! I am really glad you took the time to read my post and reply!

If I correctly understood what you meant: We currently kind of decide the topics for next meeting in the meeting itself and later on IRCs, facebooks and whatnot. Since it’s only 2nd meeting, we do not have any team dedicated to do this. I guess we’ll be needing them in future though

I would love to have a little chat and be more clear on the matter on having functional teams!



hey @nootanghimire daai ,
It’s really great …and i am very interested in this type of community meetup…
THANKS… :heart_eyes:

(Francisco) #5

Hello @nootanghimire,

Very sorry for the late reply (Easter time here).

Do you have an etherpad with the agenda and/or topics for next meeting??

Functional teams are L10n, QA, etc, and they might be interested in know about the conclusions of the meeting. Probably we can talk by email and review the outcome of this first meetup??, something that we can share also with other communities that maybe wants to have a local meetup too.


PS: My email is franc at mozilla dot com

(Nootan Ghimire) #6

Just scroll to the end of:

Happy Easter, by the way! (If I’m not too late to wish it)