Mozilla Slack Access for Reps

(Konstantina Papadea) #1

Hello amazing Reps,
as it has been announced earlier this month, NDA’ed volunteers are now required to receive and accept slack-specific invitation from staff in order to access Slack.

Since all Reps are NDA’ed, we created a special form for any Rep that requires Slack access.

More info about NDA and Slack can be found in the wiki.

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

(Gabriela) #2


I already received and accepted a Mozilla Slack invite to the mozillians group. I´d like know if I need to fill this form all the same.

Many thanks!
Best regards,

(Konstantina Papadea) #3

Hey @gaby2300 if you already have access to slack, you don’t need to take any extra steps :slight_smile:

(Gabriela) #4

Great! Thanks for such a speedy reply Konstantina! :wink: