Mozilla Tech Speakers Program Winter 2017 application now open

(Havi Hoffman) #21

Hi @yamama.shakaa Thank you for asking! You can submit a link to your youtube video in Arabic - we would be happy to see that. Also, for your talk in English on Air Mozilla, you could send the link and include the timestamp where your talk begins, no need to cut it. (You should be able to find the timestamp by pausing where your talk begins) .

I look forward to seeing your application.
Best, Havi

(Havi Hoffman) #22

@amitzur P.S. it’s great to know that people are presenting about debugger.html in many languages. I would be curious to see your presentation video.

(Amit Zur) #23

Thank you @havi !
I’m in the process of adding subtitles to the video. It’s just a bit time consuming :slight_smile:
@yamama.shakaa So happy to see there’s fruitful activity with the tech community in Palestine. Would love to know more.

(Yamama Shakaa) #24

@amitzur So happy that you ar happy :smiley:

Here is a blog and a youtube channel about some of Palestine tech meetups activities . Unfortunately , all are documented in Arabic , we have to work on translation :slight_smile:

(Yamama Shakaa) #25

@havi Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

(Havi Hoffman) #26

Hey Everyone - Not much more than 13 hours left for you to submit your application to the Mozilla Tech Speakers Program Winter 2017 session. Everything you need to know is linked to here!

We will close the form at midnight PST on Friday, December 30.

No exceptions, no special cases, no “the dog ate my video” excuses…

Thanks so much for all you do. Have a safe, happy, healthy 2017 - and -

Keep on rocking the free web!

(Havi Hoffman) #27

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to 2017! May yours be happy, healthy, and safe, with plenty of rocking the Web included!

The Application form for the Winter 2017 Tech Speakers program is now CLOSED - thanks very much to everyone who submitted an application! We will review all the completed applications and get back to everyone who submitted.

The winter session begins on February 6, 2017.

Thanks for all you do for Mozilla and the Web.

Best, Havi

(Maykon Chagas) #28

Hi @havi,

Talking with some friends, I noticed that they received a response about Tech Speaker application, last friday. But I did not.

That means that I’m wasn’t selected?


(Maykon Chagas) #29

Hi @havi,

Thanks for the response.


(Nelson Dutra) #30

Hi @havi,

I didn’t receive the answer too. Could you verify for me, if I was selected or not?

Nelson Dutra

(Havi Hoffman) #31

Hi Nelson - I’m so sorry for the delay in notification, I just emailed you a reply.

(Nelson Dutra) #32

Thank you Havi for your reply!

(Havi Hoffman) #33

UPDATE: On Friday, January 13, we emailed notifications to everyone who submitted a complete application for the Winter 2017 Tech Speakers training. Thanks to all for your contributions and your passion for public speaking and technical evangelism.

We had many more strong applicants than we had space for in this session. In the replies, we used BCC: to send email to a group of individuals. Some email providers block BCC: email. If you submitted a complete application and did not receive a notification, please contact me 1:1, and I will investigate.

Please note: We will offer this program again in 2017! And we will experiment with new ways of offering training for speakers. The masterclasses from last summer are publicly available here: Tech Speakers’ masterclasses, and include an English transcript and captions, and a download link. We will release the 2017 masterclasses for public viewing a few weeks after they go live. Stay tuned!

Got questions for all? Please post them here. Thank you.

(Caoninh) #34

This program is intended for everyone who wants to learn and love but do not know if this program looks all over the world if there is I want to participate in to learn. :relaxed:

(Havi Hoffman) #35

Thanks for your interest, caoninh! We hope to reach many new parts of the world this year, and we will keep in touch here. We are just ending our winter session, which had participants from ~20 countries. Stay tuned.

(Istiaque Ahamed) #36

I want to apply but this link does not work “” will you please help me how can I apply?


(Manel) #37

@istiaque This cohort already done! Stay tuned for the next one, it will be announce here.
This link is not working now, because we already finished winter cohort of 2017 :slight_smile:

(Havi Hoffman) #38

Thanks for asking @istiaque - thanks for the answer @Mermi - that’s correct! The current Winter session is over and we’re taking a little break. Stay tuned here for more news and info!

(Istiaque Ahamed) #39

Thanks for your information, I am waiting for the glorious time…

(Istiaque Ahamed) #40

Thanks… I am waiting for glorious time…