post infra migration release

(John Giannelos) #1

Hey all friends!

We pushed some bits and pieces to after the infra migration that are not tagged under a specific release. Here is the changelog:

Remove RefreshIDToken middleware. [Fix bug 1374307] Add help text on secondary emails [Fix bug 1376626] Remove extra space on Region/City list Localize string in search template. Add bootstrap script for building assets Compress assets at build time Enable search by timezone. Upgrade mozilla-django-oidc to latest version. Setup django proxy configuration.

The major fixes are:

  • The upgrade of mozilla-django-oidc lib to latest version that includes some security fixes
  • A fix in the our deployment setup to allow Django understand that it works behind a reverse proxy. That fixed a couple of issues we had with autocompletion and absolute URLs.

Thanks to everyone that helped ship these changes :ship:


(Tasos Katsoulas) #2

The input string to search for a specific timezone is identical to the timezone identifier in the profile settings. For example Europe/Berlin will search for all the Mozillians that have this timezone listed in their profiles.