release - 2016.10-1

(John Giannelos) #1

Aloha friends!

Release 2016.10-1 is out the door. Here is the changelog since our previous major release.

$ git log 2016.9-1..2016.10-1 --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges

126f5b5 Fix CSP violation.
206bf38 [fix bug 1308282] Add 'kab' locale.
b383bc4 Update CSP directives to fix CSP violations.
eea471d Fix GA lib/plugin static path
c73a437 Upgrade Celery to version 3.1.24.
2f4c93b [fix bug 1305939] Fix UserProfile query in spam celery task.
0058371 [bug 1302721] Add django-autocomplete light to ReportAbuse model in admin.
ee2f292 Raise the task time limit to 150 seconds.
c040061 Upgrade Django to version 1.8.15.
de926e9 Disable jquery-ui tooltip on recaptcha iframe.
f155736 Disable focus on searchbar when pressing `s`.
8a6e39c Add missing SRI attributes in js assets
aae1442 [Fix bug 1302680] Report CSP violations to sentry
7ce19b2 [Fix bug 1304016] Implement SRI support in django-compressor
6c185cd Update installation-docker.rst
2605b47 Remove `is_spam` flag and replace with relevant functionality.
e4cc7cc [Fix bug 1288159] Frontend for abusive/spam content reporting
33e8be5 [Fix bug 1302721] Implement backend for spam/abuse content reporting
44bd221 Remove referral_source for django browserid.
cd63f3a [fix bug 1302415] Use more descriptive filename in admin exports.
9798625 Improve akismet results.
6790d23 Upgrade django-csp to version 3.0.
6613a24 Create database with collation utf8.
f5f8840 Add management plugin in RabbitMQ for Docker.

This changelog includes some minor releases captured as:

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release happen :rocket: