release - 2016.10-3

(John Giannelos) #1

Hola friends!

Here is the changelog of our last release 2016.10-3 that happened last week.

$ git log 2016.10-1..2016.10-3  --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges

b7149a3 Explicitly define `api_key` in basket subscribe.
96e219b Upgrade basket client to version 0.3.12.
77dcb4e Return basket result when lookup returns `User not found`
daa8b1d [bug 1304683] Do not subscribe already registered users to basket.
01bc100 Fix unsubscription on unvouch.
4a021bc Use boolean default for `optout`.
f31cbbe Upgrade pycarser to v2.15 and bcrypt 3.1.1.
48f47ca [bug 1291239] Unsubscribe users only if there are newsletters.
b1a73a9 Do not send einfo in email subject.
f5d5c25 [fix bug 1291239] Refactor basket unsubscribe task.
96a21e9 Remove unused scripts.
10f2c49 Add more tests for basket subscription.
f19989a Add tests for subscribe/unsubscribe tasks.
afda1c6 [fix bug 1304683] Refactor update_basket_task.
9280bd2 Add django-autocomplete-light to API v1.
396735e Do not ignore the result from celery tasks.

Our main focus in this release was to refactor our email newsletter infrastructure that was based on legacy codebase.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release happen :rocket:

(Archaeopteryx) #2

How do I unvouch anybody?

(John Giannelos) #3

Hey @Archaeopteryx

When we initially designed this we didn’t want to allow users to unvouch others. This can only be done manually by admins so in case you need to unvouch/edit a vouch you need to file a bug. This commit is referring to the manual unvouch process.