release - 2016.9-1

(John Giannelos) #1

Hey all friends!

Release 2016.9-1 is out the door. Here is the changelog since our previous release.

$ git log 2016.7-4..2016.9-1 --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges

2c2cb93 Export readable geo data in UserProfile resource.
034bea2 Fix boto s3 connection issue.
cca65e9 [Fix bug 1289093] Fix celery task argument serialization issue
6f71930 [bug 1289119] Check only unknown or not spam profiles.
555067e Enable export in admin for the geo app.
df04668 [Fix bug 1289093] Enable mozillians admin to export data in AWS s3.
2ca57a1 [bug 1289117] Make 'is_spam' field writable in the admin interface.
569011b Remove 'CELERY_EAGER_PROPAGATES_EXCEPTIONS from settings.
feeba68 Add missing pip requirement.
98e4e7d Update dev requirements.
fde80e7 [fix bug 1262853] Add recaptcha to profile registration.
e48498d [Fix bug 1289119] Create celery task to check for spam
72e56d0 [Fix bug 1289118] Add helper method to check for spam using Akismet API
db9fb75 [fix bug 1292358] Replace 'icontains' with 'startswith' in skills queries.
c5093d7 Fix failing tests.
c73c68b Unsubscribe from all mozillians newsletters on user delete.
c447cee [Fix bug 1289117] Add entry in UserProfile to tag profile as spam.
3dfaa2f Filter Vouch entry in admin by emails.

Some features shipped with this release:

  • Improve spam detection in
    • Add recaptcha check on user registration
    • Use akismet service to filter spam accounts
  • Allow managers to export data more efficiently

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release happen :rocket:

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

Finally a better system for the spam accounts :smiley:

(Robert Reyes) #3

Good job. Thanks for the updates!