release 2017.2-2

(John Giannelos) #1

Aloha all friends!

Release 2017.2-2 is out the door. Here is the changelog since our last release:

3caafc2d Improve wording for group renewal notifications.
dd19538e Filter group memberships requiring renewal.
51b46c5a Flag profiles ready to expire eligible for an early renewal.
a653d28b Do not display and filter deprecated referal_source in admin.
6df3d766 [bug 1254619] update code for django 1.9
0f4ed1b4 Remove unused mysql-anonymize scripts.
c2591f8f Allow testing nda renewal notifications.
508934a1 Upgrade Pillow to latest version.
60645e35 Temporarily disable geolocation in profiles.
868f8d3d Notify group curators of memberships that require renewal.
1bc2c7c2 List 'date_joined' in users admin.
71f01e55 Add task to notify users 2 weeks before membership expiration.
3d5e2318 Search groups by name in admin.
a3e65845 [bug 920376] Enable localization for the API template
4a2b20e2 Send emails only if there is a status change.
da86459e Update 'Get Involved' CTA to link Activate
62c8d4f5 Update installation-docker.rst
95cffcfc Add a waffle flag for invalidation testing.
b115db53 [bug 1331590] Invalidate even members with PENDING/PENDING_TERMS status.
be6dd67f [bug 1331591] Add pending_terms option in group membership filter.
2ca794f6 [fix bug 1331591] Filter membership status for closed groups.
96cd400c [fix bug 1331590] Change membership to pending for non open groups.


  • Groups with membership expiration enabled (eg. NDA) can send notifications 2 weeks prior the expiration to inform curators that some members need to renew their membership.
  • Various maintenance tasks (lib upgrades, admin improvements, code cleanup)

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release happen :rocket:

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

My firsts pr for mozillians are here!

(GeorgeRoter) #3

Whoohooo! Congratulations!! That’s awesome!

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #4

Yeah, after my contributions are also here :smiley:

(Henrik Mitsch) #5

Hey @Mte90,

once again, thanks for the PRs. We added you to our volunteer contributors section. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #6

I have to see for other tickets now :smiley: