release 2017.3-2

(Tasos Katsoulas) #1

Hello Mozillians,

A big release went out the door yesterday which included a few bug fixes and new functionality.
Specifically, we added back the ability to provide location data to your profile through the cities light library. Along with that, we restructured the auto-completion in order to improve the user experience by filtering the results provided from the autocomplete library, based on the values of the other fields in the form.

Moreover, we updated the group management policies by adding email notifications for memberships that are about to expire. Curators are now receiving emails to take action by renewing the memberships that are about to expire and users are receiving notifications about their membership status. Hopefully, by now, these emails will have reached some of you.

Last but not least, we cleaned up a big portion of the code base by removing dependencies to external services and fixed a few bugs like the random language change that consumers of the API may have experienced.

Special thanks to @Mte90 for helping out once again with this release.

The full change log that landed on prod:

git log 2017.2-2..2017.3-2 --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges 

2aac532d Remove loading cities_light fixtures
17c5e7e7 Re-add geodata migration due to failed release.
93d2d7be Various fixes in the skills autocomplete.
57f60e82 Fix location form in profile registration.
3bc5a9ba Revert "Upgrade product details to version 0.12.1."
bd2ea0ee Fix tracebacks in autocomplete.
fc2c2b90 Filter cities by country in autocomplete, if region is not supplied.
c7ff23e7 Filter timezone based on country data.
7c84471c Make search for timezone case insensitive.
7fa54be3 Add missing migrations.
75c8219e Fix squashed text when searching for location fields.
20cf57a8 Improve autocomplete results in geolocation data.
cd4204f1 Make country a required field if there is no data in the profile.
a4340c35 Fix field alignment in location form.
d82878d7 Re-add location data in profile.
f155b2f8 Revert celery to version 3.1.24
0909c05d Remove mapbox related test factories.
61cb0acc Upgrade debug_toolbar to version 1.7.
2c64ec29 Revert python-memcache to previous version.
f3be3352 Ensure CELERY_LOADER var is not set.
da0ee3fc Fixing docker environment for mysql database
cf0b8ad7 Add more filters in GroupMembership admin.
8a437e89 Fix wsgi issue.
70b1c68c Upgrade Kombu to 3.0.37.
82012505 Revert "Upgrade Celery to version 4.0.2"
060d4b81 Fix broken chief deploy.
458847de Do not allow object creation if skill exists.
02fc4236 Upgrade Celery to version 4.0.2
fe321c97 Replace legacy geo_{country, region, city} code with new geodata.
cfe6f3dd Add test cases for NDA renewal feature
47091eaa Upgrade product details to version 0.12.1.
77bd3c4f Upgrade Celery to version 3.1.25.
5e5e2af2 Fixes for upgrade.
46ab3f27 Upgrade various prod requirements.
33de5c28 Gracefully handle missing NDA group on /admin.
f8d36d1f Fix spacing for pending groups in profile listing.
3f527fbf Refactor autocompletion for skills handling.
b0e1dfb3 Update license.
3dba588c Fix wording in readme.
559f83bb Add admin filters to list missing geo information.
adc8a93c Add datamigration from mozillians.geo data to cities_light.
1f299428 Fix handling of EXEMPT_L10N_URLS
360392ba Fix random language changes in /admin and /api
4e34c7ca Upgrade django-autocomplate-light to version 3.2.
88a25607 Deprecate unused geo codebase
af42819f [fix bug 1341608] Display all users regardless of memberhsip status.
67b35309 Update group notifications wording.
2315fdfd [fix bug 1341584] Do not display groups with pending terms.
31d10c62 Remove unused file.
1b5bcf88 [Bug 1333743] Update documentation for local development
5b08eb98 Add support for django-cities-light
69002ede Restrict notifications to current curators
91bde3b8 Try to send the inviter email first else fallback to all curators.
8afd4f31 Do not load mapbox related libraries.
0bcf7dc2 [bug 1153120] show linkedin username or old url
5bb03f8b Add django-cities-light and dependencies.
1404597e Fix auth0 credentials for mozillians-dev.
8a33a566 Fix wording.
30c481e3 Improve wording on renewal notifications to curator.
b1089f6a Remove not needed waffle flag.