release 2018.7-1

(John Giannelos) #1

Hello Mozillians,

Although we have not posted any updates for a while, we have been rather active on constantly improving the functionality.

The last release was yesterday and it was mostly about squashing a few bugs related to the user settings of the Identity Profiles. Some other highlights from previous releases are:

  • The introduction of access groups which are responsible for granting access to internal services.
  • Staff members can provision access groups.
  • Community members can be curators of an access group.
  • Firefox Accounts integration with
  • Verified GitHub usernames can be exposed both in UI and search.
  • Lots of improvements in the way that communicates with the rest of the IAM stack.
  • Improvements in the spam functionality to automatically remove profiles marked as spam both automatically and by vouched users.
  • Tweaks in the autocomplete fields that are used in the access groups.
  • Search improvements.
  • A major upgrade to the last Django LTS version, a lot of library upgrades and automatic dependency maintenance.
  • New entries in the external accounts.
  • Regular bug fixes and maintenance.

Thanks to everyone who helped with all these releases.

IAM/ParSys Sprint Alpha and Beta Review
(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #2

Thanks for all the work on this John. A solid update again from your team. Some significant changes squeezed in this time around!
:high_brightness: :+1:

(Tomislav Jovanovic) #3

Hey @johngian, can you please give details on how this could be achieved. I went through all the settings available but couldn’t figure out how to link to my github profile from mozillians,org.

(Henrik Mitsch) #4

Hi @zombie,

You need to set Show on Profile on your Github identity.

It will then show up on your profile:

Best regards,

(Tomislav Jovanovic) #5

Hey @hmitsch, thanks for the instructions, but it’s definitely not working for me. Here is my identities section:

[screenshot with email redacted]

And as you can verify from my public profile, that just displays as my email on the profile:

(I’ve verified that selecting “private” next to the Github provider hides it from the public profile)

(Henrik Mitsch) #6

HA! I got it … you added that Github identity before we started querying for the user name. We “fix” this by querying whenever people log in using Github. However, you (need to) login using your LDAP identity. That’s why Github is never queried. It’s a corner case we did not optimize for.

Could you please remove and/or re-add your identity. That should then give you the username string:

Best regards,

(Tomislav Jovanovic) #7

@hmitsch yep, that worked, thank you.

Though it still exposes my email on the public profile. Is there a way to only make it visible to mozillians (or private) and still keep the Github link public?

(Henrik Mitsch) #8

Unfortunately we don’t have separate privacy controls for the Github user name and the associated email address. Sorry!

(Tomislav Jovanovic) #9

I understand, but a Github-provided identity should really just show the github username/profile link, not an email used to log into Github.

Github has settings for deciding weather to make your email public, and even an option (on by default I believe) to cloak your email in commits. I believe exposing that email is an unexpected privacy-sensitive bug (you have to go out of your way – to view your profile “as someone else” to realize it is being exposed).

I would like to use my mozillians profile as a simple one-stop page showing my involvement with Mozilla, which obviously includes Github for code contributions as a major part, but I’m not interested in exposing my email to the public.

(Luckily, I managed to switch to expose my @moco email to achieve this now, but that option is not available to most :frowning: ) That’s not a solution either.

(Henrik Mitsch) #10

Thanks for the feedback. We will add this to our currently ongoing Redesign efforts.