releases 2017.1-1 and 2017.1-2

(Tasos Katsoulas) #1

Hello Mozillians,

Two new releases hit the production server of


  • The search field in groups does not accept an empty input. Special thanks to @mstanke for making this happen.
  • We re-added the ability to add multiple emails, a functionality that was temporarily removed after transitioning away from Persona.

The full changelog of the releases:

$ git log 2016.12-1..2017.1-2 --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges

Release 2017.1-2
b8059e40 [bug 1254083][regression] Invalidate map size.

Release 2017.1-1
6ae088f7 [bug 1329164] JQuery upgrade fixes.
196a56b8 [bug 1328084] Add an error message if email exists in db.
2274b6da [bug 1328084] Do not switch accounts when adding an email.
8d82a624 [fix bug 1328084] Ability to add multiple emails per user.
f6d557cf Add missing migrations.
28418fae Update product_details.
82a39bf5 Increase verbosity for debugging purposes.
24e01dc7 Debug deployment migrations issue.
7bf698fb Bump oidc lib to version 0.1.7.
7f0c4dc6 Deprecate `FRAME_SRC` directive.
76bb70c0 Upgrade jquery-ui to version 1.12.1.
87eb8e6b Upgrade jquery to version 3.1.1.
3d5cce65 Upgrade django-jinja to version 2.2.1
6db7ec99 Remove `what's deployed` section.
15bbf7dc [Fix bug 1254083] Change profile settings nav menu to use bootstrap's
33b3b98c [fix bug 1324272] Do not submit empty search form
41adf7ee Upgrade Django to version 1.8.17.
d395fbcb Multiple L10N fixes
d7c405c1 Bump oidc lib to verion 0.1.6.
4f841559 [Fix bug 1317679] Add `next` redirection URL.
c159f9c6 Fix 500error in Invite search.
386eb09f Use pip for oidc lib.
f730bee8 Add documentation for Basket integration.