sign-up currently broken

(Yousef Alam) #1

We’re aware that users cannot sign-up to as the map on the page is not working. This is because the Mapbox API version used in Mozillians was deprecated.

@akatsoulas and @johngian will push a change in the next few hours to disable the map for new and existing users as a workaround, followed by a full fix later on (#595, #596).

Questions/comments are welcome in this thead, we’ll also post with updates as things progress.

(John Giannelos) #2

What happened location data is based on mapbox geocoding API. Due to our technical debt this was never updated to the latest version and the version that we were using got deprecated. This rendered the registration process useless.


As a quick workaround we pushed this hotfix release to unblock the registration process (including some other stuff that were already ready in the pipeline):

Release 2017.2-1

7e229ac78edf0b975f95a8d8921ccb9fe717041d Upgrade Pillow to latest version.
567dc5055663ef189a748a1c202ec3c44400510e Temporarily disable geolocation in profiles.
154dcdf8cf4dcf6a11f9f43525a7c392c5f228b7 List 'date_joined' in users admin.

Next steps

We are already planning for a more futureproof solution to handle location data with an improved UX flow that is not depending on mapbox or any other geocoding service.