MozNp Anniversary: Discussion on creating a local project for Event Management

(Nootan Ghimire) #1

It’s Mozilla Nepal’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration.

Apart from a seperate discussion on WoMoz (to follow later), we’ve been discussing on if a local product that can list and manage events would be beneficial to the community! We’ll keep the updates as our participant advance!

Keep posted!

(Michael Kohler) #2

What exactly are your requirements for a “Event Management” tool?

Currently we’re heavily using the Reps portal for this, which provides date, location, description, social media integration, … What are you missing there?

(Nootan Ghimire) #3


Reps portal can only be used by Reps to create events and vouched
mozillians to join the event. However, there are many members who can/are
willing to organize event all by themselves. We need to have a archive of
these events. Also, there were discussions about the need to include events
done by other similar tech communities in the locality.

Some members discussed a lot on these issues and we’ve a lead. We’re still
in the process of analyzing the requirements and what functions would the
tool list. The idea will then be validated and then only we will try to
develop this.

Also, the idea was to create some projects to lure and involve more
developers into Mozilla Nepal.

Maybe, we’ll get to know more about this after our analyzing team has done

Apart from that, we’ve decided to start a “regular” developer-related event
like you do globally. Ideas of Test Days , Addon sharing weekends, and
other events (more on report/blog later).

Overall, had a great day with some awesome devs.

(Rubén Martín) #4

Long time ago we developed a site for managing Mozilla Hispano events:

With some work this could probably be adapted to other communities needs or event create a global event management system for communities.

/cc @franc