Mulet + Gaia for linux

For guys who don’t have knowledge of mulet & or don’t have high speed internet to clone the gaia repo (which is around 1Gb), I made this mulet archive with gaia profile. Thanks to @contact for the profile.

Note: I tested on Ubuntu 16.04 64 Bit but it’s likely to run on all linux distro’s.

Download (94Mb)

How to run:

  1. Download the file
  2. extract the archive
  3. cd to extracted folder
  4. give permissions to file through terminal chmod +x or by right clicking on file > permissions > check allow executing file as program.
  5. Now run the file ./ or by double clicking it

Yay! :tada:



Thanks! I think it would be better to instead fix the build system and make the gaia profile packaged again. This was done in the past, with B2G Desktop.


yes, but that’s out of my knowledge :wink:

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Knowledge is something that gets acquired :slight_smile:


Knowledge is something that gets acquired

Understanding the whole stack is a bit overwhelming, I have to say :wink:


Sure, but in the end, if nobody tries to dig into it and learn, then nothing will move forward :confused:

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Yes, and I’m sure we’ll dig into that, but if you cannot even get a development environment up and running, how can you consider fixing the build ?

We have builds on try, mozilla-inbound, autoland and mozilla-central to help with tracking the build failures already, as documented in

Thanks for the link, I’ll look into that. I must admit I don’t have a solid picture of how everythng is tied up together (the toolchain, the builds server / tools, the test suites / technologies and so on).

Mulet is basically just Firefox, with a few additions/changes, really no big deal.
Gonk builds are based on top of AOSP/CAF/CM depending on the devices. Best documentation on how this works is looking at startup instructions on how to build AOSP/CM. B2G is just a slight change on top of that, but more of a technical detail at this point, the big picture is shared with those.

MDN documentation is still probably good enough for the architecture parts. Tests suites are mostly completely broken but would be a very important piece to revive to help the work here: mochitests, reftests, xpcshell. This is all shared with Firefox and just need runtime fixes/refactoring to be revived on Mulet. Running them on device is another story and I don’t think we should focus on that right now.

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Sai, thanks for your package. I’ve run it in Arch Linux and the unique things to underline is that I had to run it via terminal (using th UI it gives me an error).

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What happened ?

Problem solved. The issue was related to Gnome 3 itself.

I had to open File.
Edit → Preferences
Select the ‘Behavior’ tab.
Select “Ask each time” under “Executable Text Files”.
Close the window.

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