Multiple containers of the same type?

(Anthony Papillion) #1

Let’s say I open two containers of type ‘Personal’. Are these containers segregated from each other or merged into a single session?


When you say “open” two containers of type ‘Personal’, do you mean open 2 tabs in the “Personal” container? Or do you mean you have 2 different containers - both named “Personal”?

(Anthony Papillion) #3

I mean two different containers both named personal. I assume (possibly incorrectly but I do) that all tabs in a single container share the same session data but that a new container, even of the same name, do not.


You’re right. The container name doesn’t determine the sharing. There’s an underlying userContextId for each container. So containers with the same name still do not share session data.

(Anthony Papillion) #5

Many thanks! That made sense to me but I wanted to confirm.

(Graham Perrin) #6

From the screen recording at

– in that containers.json file there is, unless I’m missing something, only one instance of private where two containers share that one name (private).