Multiple tabs opening

I think that for me the usefulness of Firefox has come to an end. It is an unforgiving memory hog. When I open it, 5 to 7 minutes later I can actually use it. And when I go to Task Manager to see what the problem is I see that there are 17 TABS open. Or 9 maybe or 11. As I am typing this there are 23 open. No one seems to know how to fix this. Mozilla thinks it’s just the way that Firefox works and it’s a good feature. ??? So.
Goodbye Firefox. You were my favorite partner in searching the Web but you’re old and decrepit now. I’m tired of pushing your wheelchair.

Hey, thanks so much for getting in touch but the scope of this forum is the Common Voice project at the Mozilla Foundation. You might find these concerns better directed to the Firefox support channels. I’m so sorry that our team has little insight into Firefox memory use but I’ll pass this to a team that may be able to use this feedback.