My Coaching Experiences

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Hi all,

My coaching experience started few years ago with a local community(which is now merged to Mozilla AP & Telangana). Keeping inshort, I have related my experiences below:

I started learning alot about the contribution paths which resulted in sharing what I’ve learnt with a few group of people who actually helped me to build a community in the region.

The 3-levels of listening happened when -
L1 - I made up myself to learn and contribute for Mozilla as an Individual
L2 - A few of our friends took our initiative by starting a community where we organized 15+ events in 2years.
L3 - I communicated contributors/leaders from different parts of geography to understand how to build/run a community & how to become a valuable contributor.

The GROW model is certainly the ground layer of meetups/gatherings. I followed this every time when I was to join/host events/meetings by having specific goals prior to the meets and brainstorming(power of question applies…) about the ways to implement it with staff/mentors for better outcomes that aligns with Mozilla OKRs.

Feedback follows with our actions/efforts in doing a task which is the most significant factor to improve the community/individual.
As an individual, I measure my postive/constructive feedback with my retention/dedication to work on specific goals/areas.
As a community, we would hear the voices from people who worked with us & this motivates me to improve more with a better approach for things happened later.

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