My Experience about the Reps Coach training

(Prathamesh Chavan) #1

Hello All,

The Reps Coach training has very much amazing so far. The training covers all the aspects and fundamentals about a Coach and is based on a practical approach. The Training Material is very easy to understand, elaborative and covers almost all the things which are essential for a Mozilla Rep to become a perfect Coach.

The communication between the coach and the Coachee is always an important part. The three levels of listening (Internal listening, Focused listening and Global listening) and the GROW model (Goal, Reality, Options, Wrap up ) plays a key role between the coach and the Coachee and it is this which helps to set a path for the Coachee to make a choice with the coach’s help.

The Practice week focuses on real world problems and tests your skills and expertise to solve the issue which is presented right in front of you. Listening to the issue, build your understanding, apply perspectives, presenting the action plan and gather feedback is the best approach to solve any problem is the key learning takeaway.

I am glad that I got a chance to participate in such holistic learning process and I look forward to becoming a better Coach.

Best regards,
Prathamesh Chavan

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