"My Mozfest Experience"

(Emma Irwin) #1

As a result of preparing for our Mozfest coaching sessions AND the coaching sessions themselves, everyone should be able to put together their Mozfest experience. Please share before you leave for London!

Here is the template, The Participation Team will be sharing ours as well. If you prefer the ‘webby’ version I made one for you in Thimble as well :slight_smile: Feel free to remix and share with #Participation Space #Mozfest

(Emma Irwin) #2

I want to share this awesome ‘My Remote Mozfest Experience’ Make from @asdofindia , I am sad that he won’t be able to join us, but proud of his leadership in still designing for success as a result of Mozfest. Please keep him in the loop at Mozfest, and share your own experience here before you leave.


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(Emma Irwin) #3

Here is my Mozfest Experience!


(Daniele Scasciafratte) #4

My Mozfest experience https://d157rqmxrxj6ey.cloudfront.net/mte90/11283/ :smiley:

(hlee) #5

My MozFest experience - https://d157rqmxrxj6ey.cloudfront.net/heli-tomato/11148/

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(Shagufta Methwani) #6

My Mozfest Experience! https://d157rqmxrxj6ey.cloudfront.net/shagufta/11272

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(Emma Irwin) #7

not sure you shared the correct version @Mte90 !

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #8

my fault i haven’t understand that is required to edit index.html file, I’ve updated the post with the correct url.

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(Rubén Martín) #9

@emma_irwin is there a way we can see the text here without having to click a lot of links to an external site? I would love to be able to access this topic and read all the experiences together.

(Florian Merz) #10

My MozFest experience! https://d157rqmxrxj6ey.cloudfront.net/fiji/11456

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(Flore) #11

My mozfest experience : https://d157rqmxrxj6ey.cloudfront.net/flore/11459

And now I have to work on my schedule for the week-end

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(Biraj Karmakar) #12

My mozfest experience https://d157rqmxrxj6ey.cloudfront.net/biraj/11761/

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(Anupkumarmishra29) #13

My Mozfest Experience https://d157rqmxrxj6ey.cloudfront.net/anup/10694/

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(Yofie Setiawan) #15

My MozFest Experience https://d157rqmxrxj6ey.cloudfront.net/yofiesetiawan/9589/

(Soumya Deb) #16

My MozFest 2015 Experience https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/afterthoughts-on-mozfest-2015-through-debs-glasses/5767